Friday, May 29, 2009

On sights seen while walking to and from lunch

I often order lunch from the local chinese take-out place. Until recently the bill would come to $9.85. (Yes, that IS quite a lot of food, thank you very much) But recently they raised their prices slightly, so now the same order costs $10.25. BUT, they have a coupon in their menu that gets you a free egg roll for any order over 10 bucks. So by rasing their prices 40 cents, they have to give me an egg roll that costs a buck and a half. So who won there?

On the way back, I noticed that the local YWCA office was having a "huge" clothing sale to benefit their services.

When I got there, the sale consisted entirely of one large bin of used ladies' golf shoes.

Sometimes, the comedy just writes itself.

Also, I noticed a "for rent" sign in the local candy store window. That's not a fair statement - not "candy store" in the sens of the place that sell candy and magazine and cigarettes and 8-dollar boxes of breakfast cereal - that place is going strong. This is one of those froo-froo "candy shoppes" that sells the giant Pixy stix and other obscure stuff and tries to get eight dollars a pound for the candy you can get at the grocery store for like three, but the kids asked you to come in here, and they're whining and it's rude not to buy of those. Now considering there's a movie theater like three stores away (The Boyd, a great old one-screen theater still in good repair, well worth a visit), and movie theaters are the ONLY place in existence that has more expensive candy, you'd think they'd be able to at least make money by helping people save money on that 7-dollar box of jujubes (Which I always pronounce "who-who-bays", after the original spanish gelatin confection that inspired them), but no. So it's going away as well.

The magic shop that was there since approximately the passing of Merlin Ambrosius also closed some time back, in exchange for a cell phone store. I cannot figure out how cell phone stores all make money, since they're as common as Goblin Tinkerers in a Magic booster pack. O well, we'll see what happens.

The comic shop I go to is a few blocks in the opposite direction and I didn't go there today, but I mention it just to make sure I keep the entry vaguely comics-related.

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