Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On being given an unsolicited opportunity to undertake a grand adventure

Long story short, I got laid off today.

Don' worry, you're getting the long story as well.

I was getting new work to do right up until Friday, everybody was pleased with my work, and all seemed well with the world.  But after lunch today, my manager asked me to "come to a meeting", have mumbling that we had to go down to HR.  Not the place one wants to go to a meeting.

The company is expected to have a harsh year, and as a cost-saving measure had to lay off a bunch of folks in a number of offices, and alas, I was on that list.  It was made abundantly clear it was a choice from on high, out of their hands, yadda yadda.

I didn't get upset to speak of, we walked through my severance package and a short time later I was packing up my stuff.  My previous manager was near tears - she had even tried to get me transferred back to her department, as she didn't want to lose me in the last corporate shuffle.  No go, alas, tho they are keen enough about me that they want me to keep in touch should any other positions open up.  So that's something.

I'll get the ball roling tomorrow.  What with the electric-type internet, I can get all the paperwork and resume spreading going without having to get dressed, so that's nice.

I'll remain optimistic for quite a while - I'm that way.  I'll try to keep being funny and yammering on about comics and other stuff that doesn't involve self-pity.

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