Sunday, June 13, 2010

On a bit of DC Marketing that desperately needs to be done

So Geoff Johns posted this photo on his Twitter Feed of a guy's Green Lantern Tattoo.  For those too lazy to make with the clicky-linky, it's a tat of a Royal Flush poker hand, made up of GL playing cards.  Presumably, the fellow will then have Geoff's sharpie-on-skin autograph added to the tat, a practice growing in popularity.

But I got to thinking.  With the plethora of color Corps and members of same, a deck of playing cards based on the current Green Lantern Mythos could easily be produced.  With eight Corps, you could actually do two seperate decks, or one deck for a game of Cripple Mr. Onion.  But I think one deck ought to do, as a couple of the Corps don't have that many members.

Green for Clubs, Red for Diamonds, Yellow for Hearts and Black for Spades seems the most likely setup.  Violet (love) for hearts is pretty obvious too, But you can't very well leave out Yellow, and there's only four suits traditionally.  They tried to popularize five-suit poker many years back, but it never caught on.

Now in a lot of photo cards, they'll put images on each card, but IMHO that makes it slightly harder to recognize a Face card.  I prefer the numbered cards to be a number of the symbol and little else.  Maybe you could have nice art of the symbols in different quantties being generated by a Corpsmember, to get the best of both worlds.

It seems the Color Entity should go on the Ace, and the most powerful/popular member of the Corps go on the King.  So it'd be...

Okay, quite a bit of debate possible here. More than a few characters who deserve the Face card spots.  But how do you decide? 
Also, do you bow to the obvious gender-streotypes here and put a female in the Queen spot, or open oneself to endless snickering by putting a guy in that position?
Perhaps the best solution is to not make the choices, and going with popular characters NOT from Earth.  Luckily, there's a GL named Jack, so let's go with him, and there's no actual proof of Mogo's gender, so...
Jack - Jack T. Chance
Queen - Mogo
King - Hal Jordan (Maybe with Kyle, Guy and John in the background to shut everyone up?)
Ace - Ion

Jack - Dex-Starr
Queen - Laira
King - Atrocitus
Ace - The Butcher

Jack - Despotellis (1st runner-up; Arkillo)
Queen - Kryb (1st runner-up; Lyssa Drak)
King - Sinestro
Ace - Parallax

Jack - Black Lantern Kal-L
Queen - Black Lantern Mera
King - Black Hand
Ace - Nekron

VIOLET (for argument's sake):
Jack - Miri Riam
Queen - Wonder Woman (1st runner-up; Fatality)
King - Carol Ferris
Ace - The Predator

And the Jokers? Well, Larfleeze, obviously, along with the Bizarro Yellow Lantern.  Tho if Avarice were a suit as well, I rather like the idea of dressing him in three different outfits (incliding a queen's robe) for the face cards.

So, DC...I'd get hopping on this.

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